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Our mission is to provide a safe environment for our clients, respondents, and our staff. With proper planning and responsible execution, we can provide a clean and safe research environment while maintaining all of the best practices and guidelines required from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state and local guidelines. Together we can safely return to research!

Enhanced Facility Standards

  • Social distancing will be implemented and enforced in our facilities

  • Signage will be placed throughout the facility to remind respondents and clients of our social distancing policies

  • Reception areas will be rearranged to accommodate social distancing

  • Group sizes will be limited to 4-10 people depending on room size and configuration

  • We will utilize our larger multi-purpose rooms when available


Facility Cleaning

  • All facilities will have thorough professional cleaning prior to re-opening

  • Facilities will be stocked with additional hand sanitizer

  • Each room will be cleaned and wiped down between sessions, careful attention to chairs, tables and door handles

  • Notepads, pens and pencils will not be reused


People On-Site


Our Staff

  • Wearing masks and gloves is required of our employees and any contractors

  • Our staff will respect and oversee 6ft physical distancing

  • Our staff will return to our facilities only once they have passed COVID-19 screening guidelines

  • Staff who are not required on-site for studies will continue to work from home until further notice

  • We will continue to promote regular and thorough handwashing

  • We will continue to promote good respiratory hygiene

  • If employees display even the most minor COVID-19 symptom, they must stay at home,

  • We will apply CDC guidelines as a minimum and implement our own stringent restrictions on when

  • employees can return to an office if he/she has been exposed or potentially exposed to the virus



  • We will stagger the arrival time of visitors as much as possible

  • We have adapted our check-in/check-out procedures to accommodate physical distancing of respondents.

  • When necessary, viewing/conference rooms will be converted as additional waiting areas to extend physical distancing

  • Respondents will be asked to wear masks in common areas

  • Enhanced rescreening will occur in accordance with CDC guidelines and client requests relating to

       mask/no mask during the interview/discussion

  • Respondent reception seating will be set up for physical distancing

  • Respondents will be encouraged to bring and use their own pen



We will request cooperation from our clients with the following:

  • Clients will be required to wear masks in common areas of the facility.

  • We will provide a disposable bag in which to store the mask when not being worn.

  • Clients will need to request during study planning if they want respondents to wear masks during interview

  • sessions/groups

  • If the client requires a traditional room set up, we can only accommodate 4-6 respondents + moderator.

  • If the client needs 8 respondents + moderator, then tables and seating arrangements would be changed

  • to follow the physical distancing guidelines

  • We will require 30 minutes between sessions to allow for extra time for check-out and cleaning (wipe down

  • tables, chair arms, and door handles)

  • We are limiting the number of clients attending sessions to 5 without prior approval of the Facility Director

  • With prior planning, the number of viewing clients may be increased as some viewing rooms have higher

  • capacities and, when necessary, other rooms may be utilized for viewing via monitors

  • We will encourage clients not to cluster around the front desk but instead to telephone the host

  • We will need to pre-order individual client meals

  • All dishware, glassware, utensils will be disposable, and only the required amount will be put out


Respondent & Client Screening Precautions

Additional screening questions will continue to be included in all screeners for in-person/in-facility projects.

  • If a respondent has come into contact with someone who has been exposed to the virus, he/she will

       be disqualified from in-person research

  • Any respondent with any symptoms of or similar to COVID-19 will be screened out

  • Where respondents visiting our facilities have not been recruited by our team, the client will be asked

        to confirm these respondents have been pre-screened

  • Any client or visitor who has come into contact with someone who has been exposed to the virus will

       be asked to monitor the research online and not visit the office

  • Respondents will be required to wear masks in our reception areas. They will also be required to agree

       to remove the mask during discussions unless requested to retain them.

Herron Associates proudly supports the safe and successful return of in-person research.

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