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“Herron Associates Inc.  Privacy Policy”


By retaining services of “Herron Associates Inc.”, any research buyer agrees to abide by and is held accountable for any privacy policies of “Herron Associates Inc.”. 


Herron Associates, Inc (HAI) is an opinion and marketing research firm that is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of personal information.  As a member of the Insights Association, previously known as the Marketing Research Association (MRA), the professional association of opinion and marketing research companies, Herron Associates, Inc. adheres to the mandated Insights Association code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research.  This code includes requirements for protection of personal information and respondent identifiable information.

All of your responses will be kept strictly confidential and only reported in the aggregate unless otherwise evident within the survey.  If we indicate that personal information may be included in the research findings we ensure that the information is treated with the strictest of confidence.  We will not mislead a participant regarding the nature of the research or how the information will be used.  Please see the following section,

“Disclosure of Personal Information”.


Your personal information will not be sold or traded to any other individual or company without your consent.  We do not conduct sales or direct marketing, nor do we provide personal information to be used for direct contact sales or marketing purposes.   For additional information on our company please select the following link to be redirected to our home page

Herron Associates, Inc. Participant Database

Herron Associates, Inc. maintains a participant database for the purpose of inviting respondents to participate in research activities.  Registration into this database is available through a link on HAI website (  An invitation to participate in future survey research may also be distributed through other means.

Information provided by participants in the registration process of the database is voluntary and is used for the purpose of identifying eligibility for participation in future survey research.  Follow up questions may be necessary to qualify a respondent for specific research studies. 

Disclosure of Personal Information

Herron Associates, Inc. limits the personal identifiable information shared with clients to that which is essential to the research project.  Unless necessary for pre-research project assignments or validation, last names, phone numbers and addresses are not shared with clients or any other third party.

Personal information may also be disclosed when the survey instrument clearly states that the information will be disclosed, or when a participant makes a request during the survey that can only be fulfilled by disclosing information from the survey.

At no time during your visit to our facility should you be asked for personal contact information such as phone number, email, address or your last name by anyone other than the hostess at the front desk.  We encourage you not to provide such information.  Any personal information, such as full name, mailing address, email address and phone number that is privately or publicly disclosed in a focus group or personal interview to any research representative outside this organization is provided on a voluntary basis and is not regulated by this privacy policy.  

Under certain circumstances, HAI may be required or permitted by law or court orders to collect, use, and/or disclose personal information; notice may not be required.

In the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, dissolution, reorganization or acquisition of HAI, the acquiring party would agree to be bound by the terms of the HAI Privacy Policy before any information would be transferred.

Audio and Video Recording

Research projects are frequently audio and videotaped for marketing research purposes and are only intended for those involved with the research project.  Recordings will become the property of the research sponsor.  Recordings will be used only for research purposes and will not be used in sales, marketing, advertising or promotional materials or in any public media without the prior written consent of the research participant.  Such recordings will be accessible only to the research sponsor or to third parties in connection with this research project.


All participants are required to show a valid photo ID upon arrival to a study location.  Unless required for a study, it is not necessary for us to retain a copy of the identification.  We reserve the right to admit anyone in a research project and honor gratuities for participation with out proper identification.

Monitoring and Observation

Herron Associates, Inc. reserves the right to designate a representative of our company to monitor telephone calls during recruiting and interviewing for training and quality assurance purposes. 

Research participants may be observed on sight from an adjacent room with a one-way mirror, through closed circuit viewing or from a remote location through the use of video transmission technology.  Observers may include, and will be limited to the sponsor of the research and their guests.

Email addresses and other communication:

Herron Associates may have personal email addresses in our email system or data files that are acquired through:

  • Request for information submitted to our website

  • Emails/phone numbers sent to HAI

  • Research surveys completed for HAI

  • Clients who have provided email addresses/phone numbers for research purposes


Since HAI does not send emails for the purpose of sales direct marketing, the CAN Spam act of 2003 does not apply to our email communications.  However, HAI voluntarily observes the CAN SPAM act when applicable to opinion and marketing research.  HAI uses email as a means of communicating to known clients and research participants. HAI ensures participants that receive email invitations to participate in our research project the following guidelines to avoid sending SPAM.

  • HAI will clearly identify ourselves as the sender of  the email

  • HAI will provide the appropriate contact information should you need to contact us for any questions or concerns

  • HAI will provide the option to be removed from receiving additional email invitations for participation in research projects

  • HAI will reuse email addresses only as legitimate follow up to survey research


These processes ensure that we contact only those who could have an expectation of being contacted for research purposes.


Herron Associates Database Website

The only personal information actively collected by Herron Associates, Inc. is that which is voluntarily provided.   


  • Site traffic monitoring

Herron Associates collects anonymous information about visits to our website.  We currently obtain general website traffic reports upon request by our Internet Service Provider.  This information is used for website enhancement and improvement.


  • Email links

Herron Associates uses email links throughout our website so that you can contact us with your questions or concerns.  Your email comments may be saved and used for website improvement and   training purposes.


  • Links to other websites

Our website may contain hyperlinks to websites outside of our own website and Privacy Polices may be        different for any website we provide hyperlinks to.  Therefore, we recommend that the Privacy Policy/Statement is read for each site visited. 


Participants consent to the terms of the HAI Privacy Policy and use of their information upon entering the HAI. web site.


Data Security

Herron Associates maintains an internal database with participant information and will take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse or alteration.  Data is stored on internal secure systems and protected by firewalls and is only used for the purpose stated.  Backup drives of our network data are stored off-site in a secure location with restricted access.


Any personal information is only shared with HAI employees on a need to know basis.  Employees of HAI. are required to sign a confidentiality agreement in which they agree to keep all project and respondent personal information confidential.  Employees who violate the confidentiality agreement are subject to disciplinary actions, including termination when appropriate.  In order to respond to an inquiry, email address or other contact information may be requested when we are contacted through


Who Process Herron Associates Data

Only authorized Herron Associates, Inc. employees, vendors, contractors or partners carrying out authorized business functions are allowed access to HAI data or databases.


Vendors, contractors, or partners who have access to survey information in connection with providing services for HAI are required, at a minimum, to sign a confidentiality agreement.  The confidentiality agreement requires them to keep the information confidential; they are not permitted to use this information for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for HAI.




As a participant of Herron Associates, you are provided the opportunity to opt-out or remove yourself from any research project which you are contacted.   

Herron Associates, Inc. occasionally recruits children for opinion and marketing research studies and will not knowingly make direct contact with children 13 years of age and younger.  HAI will initiate survey questions through the parent or guardian for any child 13 years of age and younger.   Upon consent of the parent or guardian additional questions may be directed to the child.   We comply with all Indiana state laws and COPPA regarding children’s information.

Questions and Concerns

For additional concerns or questions regarding our privacy policy, we may be contacted at or by telephone at (317) 882–3800. 


Policy changes & Updates
Our policy privacy may change as we take advantage of developing technologies.  Therefore, we encourage you to refer to this Privacy Policy on an ongoing basis. 




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