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Sue McAdams


Proud leader of a well respected and top rated Research & Insights Firm.  Experience is an overused word so let me say that I am a bit “seasoned”.  I have been around the block and learned the business from the ground up across all core methodologies and spent my time in industry board positions bringing self-clarity of the client perspective.  A “ jack-of-all-trades” and the “master-of-many”. 


I have earned the trust of top clients, am top of mind for tough challenges and have a “no nonsense” perspective that cuts through the clutter to get it done right.  Rolling up my sleeves and strategizing bumps that may come up along the way makes me a confident leader and a strong research partner.  

Most importantly, I love what I do and thrive on seeing the successful outcome of a challenging research project.

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James Atkinson

Vice President

Experienced and creative.  Starting my research career in 2003 has given me the opportunity to work on virtually all roles of data collection and project management from recruiting, focus, CLT testing to national project management.  More recently, I am the numbers guy specializing in quantitative research design and execution.  My day-to-day varies from managing the Tampa branch, providing leadership across company operations and traveling with national projects to ensure the execution is flawless.  With an in-depth technology background I am able to provide creative solutions to meet the most challenging of clients needs.

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Jill Combs

Director of Research & Client Relations

The first step to completing any project is getting started. I am ready to help evaluate your project needs, have your questions answered and turn plans into action!  I am a servant leader who strives to deliver excellent customer experience. 

Entrust your project to Herron and I will make sure that you know you made the right choice.

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Holly Yount

Verification Manager

Better known as the Director of Fun, Happy Places, Sunshine and Rainbows. 

My role is to keep the mood light and keep the respondents on track.  A missed response from an email will result in a friendly call from me to be sure everyone knows “where to be” and “when to be there” that comes with an energetic sincere welcome that cannot be resisted. 

It is not all fun and games, I am the most efficient at getting a project 100% confirmed.  It’s all a matter of Attitude. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

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