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Sacramento, we have a taste test taking place next month that pays you money to try new foods from fast-food restaurants you love! 

Participating is fun and easy and pays you $50 if you complete the simple taste test.

How it works...



Click on the link and answer a few questions about the food you eat at fast-food restaurants. Pick a participating restaurant nearby and schedule your day and time. 


Try the New Food

Visit the drive-thru at the store you've selected and try a new secret product. Taste and enjoy the new product while answering some questions on your phone about you experience


Get paid for your opinions

Once you complete the taste test you will be paid a $50 virtual incentive card via Rybbon, our incentive provider. You select how to receive your $50 incentive in the form of an Amazon Gift Card or even a Mastercard Prepaid Debit Card. 


Get paid for your opinions

We pay for your opinions about new food products


No Sales

We only ask for your opinions and signing up to participate costs you nothing, this means never asking for your credit card information or any other sign-up fees... never

Note: Not all people will qualify. This survey is based on your individual usage and eating habits. Participants who complete the taste test and answer the entire questionnaire will be compensated in a $50 virtual reward incentive via Rybbon of their choosing. 

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